How to Crochet a Simple Flower Bookmark

Here is a chargeless adornment arrangement for a quick and simple adornment bookmark. It’s abundant for yourself or for your adolescent to enjoy. You alone charge a babyish bulk of yarn in one or two colors, appropriately authoritative this a abundant stashbuster adornment arrangement as well.

For this bookmark I added a babyish aigrette at the end of the string, but you can add just about annihilation you like from addition babyish applique to your admired charm.

Skill Level: Easy


Yarn: Butterfly Mercerized Cotton – Bifold Knitting #3

Crochet Hook: G 4.00mm

Finished Size: The annual measures 2.25 inches across. In absolute with the cord and pom pom it measures about 11.5 inches long.

Crochet Arrangement Instructions:

Rnd 1: With your aboriginal color, alternation 2, plan 10 bisected bifold crochets into 2nd alternation from hook; With the additional color, accompany the annular with a blooper stitch in the aboriginal bisected bifold crochet. [10 stitches]

Rnd 2: Alternation 1, (single crochet, alternation 3) in aforementioned stitch as area you fabricated the join, *skip next stitch, (single crochet, alternation 3) in next stitch; echo from * around; accompany with a blooper stitch in the aboriginal individual crochet. [5 chain-3 spaces]

Rnd 3: Alternation 3 (counts as aboriginal bifold crochet), plan addition 4 bifold adornment in the aforementioned stitch as area you fabricated the join, individual adornment in chain-3 space, *5 bifold adornment in next individual crochet, individual adornment in chain-3 space; echo from * around; accompany with a blooper stitch in the aboriginal bifold adornment (3rd chain) Turn. [30 stitches]


Slip stitch into aboriginal stitch (into endure individual adornment fabricated in Rnd 3). Alternation 30. Fasten Off and attach a babyish aigrette at end. Or, instead of a tassel, you can aswell add a agreeableness or addition babyish applique, whichever you prefer.

Another aberration of this arrangement is to leave off the cord and tassel. Then use the beautiful annual as an applique for a babyish chaplet or a on a hair clip. You could aswell attach it to your keys for a keychain, or assimilate a allurement for a beautiful and fun fridgie in your kitchen.

The annual in this bookmark alone measures 2.25 inches across. Thus, if you charge one that’s beyond you can consistently use a baffled weight yarn and an H or an I adornment hook.

So I achievement you will accord the chargeless adornment annual bookmark arrangement a try and acquisition abounding uses for the flower.